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Is sugar free living even possible?!

A question I heard a lot while I was 100% refined sugar free is whether it is even possible and doable. And it’s a question I actually ask myself every now and then.. is it even possible?! I think the answer is more complicated than a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’, at least it is for me! I’ll explain why.


Is sugar free living even possible?!

My sugarfree journey

First of, let me explain what my journey looked (and still looks) like. I started reading into living with less sugar and became very interested in starting to do the same! So I read a few books and saw some amazing documentaires which led me to a sugar free lifestyle in 2014. The first few weeks were really hard but after 4 weeks I started to feel better than I did before I started eating sugar free. I managed to live this way for over a year.

Until I got pregnant with my first. I did pretty good during the first three months, but I soon developed a craving for sweet things. And as a pregnant woman I obviously felt like I had every right to eat what I wanted. So I started eating a bit more sugar. And that was the beginning of the end! It sounds dramatic, but it’s quite true.

As soon as I picked up my first sugary thing I was hooked to the white stuff and needed more and more. I truly believe we as a nation, definitely me included, are addicted to sugar. And that is pretty much where I stayed for a long long time. My son is now two years old and I have been wanting to get back to sugar free living for a year.


Why is it so hard?

I have read some great books about the topic and they all say the same thing.

Eating sugar free is really hard, because our bodies get addicted to sugar. Sarah Wilson mentions in her book I quit sugar┬áthat we are programmed as human beings to look for sweet things. Because 1000 years ago, we just didn’t have that much sugar lying around and whenever we could find some, we would eat it. But nowadays, we can find sugar anywhere and in everything.

So it is fair to say that we have gone overboard with our sugar consumption and we need to make sure that we watch our daily sugar intake. But like any other addiction, it is really hard to just quit and you will most likely have some negative side effects when you do.


Why is it worth it?

This is a pretty simple question and has an even easier answer.

Because your body doesn’t need that much sugar.

Our body (and specifically our brains) need sugar. There is no doubt about that in the world of sugar free living. But the problem is the refined sugars. There is nothing in refined sugar that actually feeds your body, it just fills it up. So when you decide to live sugar free, you actually mean to say you are going to quit the refined sugars.

We need sugar, but we get plenty of that when we eat our daily dose of fruit and vegetables. And when you eat an apple for example, you get not only the right amount of sugar, but also every fibre and vitamin that is needed to process that sugar. This means you will use all of the apple and you are actually fed instead of just filled.


So is it possible?

Yes, if you are willing to give up on everything that contains refined sugar. This means you will cook your meals from scratch, don’t buy sweets and cookies or maybe even make your own sugar free cookies and cakes. It is a little hard in the beginning, but it is not impossible. I have lived like that for a year and it went well.

No, if you are not completely and 100% committed. Because living without refined sugar takes a lot of effort. It is absolutely worth it, but if you are not committed enough you will probably not succeed. If you want to try it, you could try a program (like the 8-week one by Sarah Wilson for example) and see what you think afterwards.

To me the answer is, yes but in moderation. I am still a big fan of eating as little sugar as possible. But I also believe it is important to live a little. And if I would like to eat a donut every now and than, I will.

This means our meals are made from scratch, and we don’t eat cookies and sweets every day. We fill ourselves with fruit and vegetables as snacks and eat healthy meals. But when we go out for a coffee, or have a date night, we have a piece of pie or some ice-cream for dessert.


Let me know what you think of eating sugar free? Are you a definite yes, a no or do you live like I do? Let me know in the comments! Also, don’t forget to subscribe for my email list to stay up-to-date!

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