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How to create a minimalist maternity wardrobe

If you are pregnant or have a child, you know pregnancy can cost a lot of money. Maternity clothes can be extremely expensive. But you don’t have to spend a fortune on it. Let me give you some tips to keep the costs down a bit!

how to create minimalist maternity wardrobe

Try to use what you already have

Something I did first was check my current closet. I have a few items that are longer and can easily be worn during a pregnancy. I also have a few leggings that have a high stretchy waist.

Check your closet and look for items you can use.

I love to wear a jeans with a cardigan. Cardigans can be used during your entire pregnancy! Don’t fall into the trap of buying special ‘maternity cardigans’ that look exactly like the ones you can buy in a regular store. I have one maternity cardigan and it has a button above the belly with a belt. It looked great with the dress I bought, but I could have easily used a basic cardigan and add a belt myself.

So make sure to check if there is anything in your closet you can add to the maternity wardrobe you are trying to build! There are plenty of items that can be used, trust me!


Buy basic items

The next thing I did was add basic items. You will probably need some basic t-shirts to go underneath your cardigan, but you will also have to get a few jeans or dresses you can use to make combinations. Basic items are great because you can wear them in different combinations. I just love my basic jeans with a t-shirt and fun cardigan on top. It’s not an expensive outfit but I can stay close to my own style. And I love that!

Make sure you don’t spend too much money on items that are ‘in fashion’ because before you know it you will have your baby and those clothes will not be fashionable once you have your second, third, etc. Basics can be worn in any pregnancy!


Go second hand

When you do want to buy something more fashionable, try to get it second hand! For the same reason as I mentioned above, those items will only be worn for a maximum of 9 months (and that is only if you continue to wear items after the baby is born!). And when you wear something for 9 months, it does not get worn out.

But this doesn’t only work for fashionable items. Jeans, tops and dresses are also sold second hand and can save you loads of money! So try to go thrift shopping or order at a second hand online store! You can thank me later!


Buy a few awesome pieces

You don’t have to be boring when you are pregnant! I love wearing neutrals and buying basic items, but I also love to dress up a bit when I go to a party. So it’s ok to buy some amazing pieces. Just make sure you buy items you can wear at different occasions and don’t buy too many.

I personally love to buy a dress or two that are fashionable. I know I love to wear dresses, especially at the end of my pregnancy, so those are a good investment. But that is all. I bought some basic t-shirts with a print, that can be worn in ten years time.


One last thing

Just remember to not go overboard when you find out you are pregnant! You don’t need that many new clothes. Plus, it will save you a lot of money in the long run when you spend money on a decent basic wardrobe with your first child! I now only had to buy a few Winter items (because I was pregnant in Summer last time) and that’s it! And I still love every piece I own.


Check out this book for more inspiration! It can really help you to create a minimalist wardrobe, not only for maternity clothes, but all the time!

So, what did you get for your maternity wardrobe that I forgot in this list? Or are there any tips you might want to share? Let me know in the comments!

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