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7 tips to get started with simple living

When I became familiar with minimalism and living a more meaningful and simple life, I struggled to find my way through all the information available out there. There are so many amazing blogs, documentaires and websites but I just couldn’t figure out where to start. But along the way I discoverd a few key things to do when you want to embrace this type of lifestyle.

7 tips to get started with simple living

So, if you are thinking about getting into a more minimalist lifestyle, I have made a little list of things you could do to kickstart your new life!


1. Watch documentaires

One thing that I truly loved in the early stages, was watching documentaires. There are quite a few of them online or on netflix, so there is plenty to choose from. My favourite documentaries are ‘The minimalists, a documentary’ created by the minimalists and ‘True cost’.

I recommend you to read my ‘5 documentaries to watch‘ blogpost if you are interested in more.


2. Read blogs

This is probably the number one thing I did to start this journey. I just love reading blogs and I learnt a lot from other people who stepped into this lifestyle before me. I discovered that I love to read other people’s real stories. So not just a pretty documentary, but real life stories and tips and tricks to begin.
These are some of my favourites:

  •  A blog by Jordan Page about frugal living. It will really help you to get your finances straight while you work on simplifying your life.
  • To me, these two are the pioneers of minimalism. I love their approach and we can learn so much from them!
  • I just love this blog! Rebecca has the same thoughts and ideas as I have and she is such a delight to read!

I am still trying to find blogs that I love to read and add to the list, so this list will grow longer and longer!


2. Use Pinterest

This is more of a map than a destination for me, but I use Pinterest all the time to find useful links to blogs and websites. All my favourite blogs were discovered through Pinterest. I don’t have a specific title to type in because honestly, everything works.

But, mostly I would use one of these phrases.

  • living a simple life
  • simple living
  • frugal living
  • living with less
  • minimalism

If you want a more guided help, follow my Pinterest feed where I have gathered all things for you!


4. Read books

I have to be honest, I don’t read that many books.. I read ‘The life-changing magic of tidying up’ by Mari Kondo and I am currently reading ‘Clutterfree with kids‘ by Joshua Becker. But if you are a fan of reading books, than I would highly recommend to search for books in your local library! A library is great for many reasons, but the number one reason is not having to pay for the books and have a bookcase full of books you haven’t read yet.


5. Listen to podcasts

This is something I recently discovered and I love it. I am currently subscribed to the minimalists and they share a lot of podcasts about minimalsm. They also share the podcasts on YouTube.

Another podcast I recently discovered is The art of decluttering When you click on the link you will go to their website and you can listen to their podcasts through the site, plus find some additional information. They are truly helpful and they declutter one area at a time!


6. Watch YouTube clips

Another thing I love to do is watch Youtube videos. I don’t have a particular person I follow but because I watch a few they just come up in my ‘watch next’ feed. But the ones I regularly watch are:

  • Sugarmama. An Australian lady who inspires minimalism and taking care of your finances. She has her own financial company as well.
  • Jordan Page. (yes again.. I love this lady!) But she also has a Youtube channel where she posts frugal living videos and Q&A videos about her own life.
  • Exploring Alternatives. I love watching these videos because they inspire you to think outside the box. It is usually about a person/family who live in some sort of tiny house and how they make it work.


7. Just start simple

And last but not least, just start! And try to keep it simple for yourself. I started by clearing out my closet and throwing away the things that didn’t fit me or that I really didn’t like any more. A few weeks later I went back to my closet and found a few more items. For me, this worked and still works. I just don’t have the time and energy (and motivation) to go through the entire house and get rid of half of our belonings, and I don’t want to either. We just wanted to make sure we were working on simplifying and that’s all that mattered to us.


I hope this post gave you some tips to start your journey. Just go for it and find the style that suits you and your family. I am curious about your journey so feel free to share in the comments section. Let me know which Youtubers you watch, or what blogs you love to read!

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