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DIY – Easy to make wooden quote board

The most difficult part of being frugal or even minimal, is home decor. I used to buy new candles and cute pots all the time because they were only $2. But buying things for $2 about 10 times a month, makes it $20 a month and $240 dollar a year. So instead of spending a large amount of money on small things, I decided to go for bigger statement items.

DIY wooden quote board

One of these statement items is this DIY wooden quote board I made about 3 years ago. I still love it and it is one of our favourite items in the house. And let me tell you, this was cheap and super easy!


What you need

  • a pencil
  • white paint
  • a piece of reclaimed wood (depending on how big you want it and what quote you choose you might need more)
  • two thin wooden pieces to attach to the back
  • A hook to hang it on the wall


How to create this?

  • Decide what quote you want to add. I chose this quote and it was easy to break up in 4 lines with the verse added to the bottom. So I knew I needed 5 pieces of wood. Make sure you have a quote you really love.
  • Buy your wood. (If you don’t have paint lying around, you might want to get it while you’re at it.) What I did is actually buy one really large piece of reclaimed wood and had it cut out in the store. You need to make sure you know what size you need though. You can also cut it at home if you have the tools for it (we don’t have them.) I was able to get all 5 smaller pieces from that one piece, but it depends on what quote you decide on.
  • Find a font to write your quote in and print it. I printed my quote and drew the letters by hand, making it similar to the font I printed. You can also try to print out the quote and transfer it onto the wood, but then it has to be a huge font.
  • When you have outlined the letters, start painting! I decided to use white, but when you buy lighter wood it would also be amazing to use black. Just fill in all the letters with paint and let it dry.
    You might want to do this step several times depending on how you like it. I just did it once, because I liked the see through look.
  • Line up the small pieces and add the wood to the back. 
  • Hang it on your wall and enjoy!


DIY wooden quote board


I love how easy this is to make! It is such a great way to fill up your wall and it gives you an amazing reminder every day. Let me know when you make this too! What quote did you use?


Let me know what your recent DIY project has been! I would love to have more ideas! Comment below or send me an email if your want to!



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