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Declutter 101 – The kitchen

Have you ever looked through your kitchen drawers or spices, only to discover mutiples? I certainly have! In fact, I decided to declutter my kitchen drawer the other day and discovered 6 bottle openers! How did we end up with six?!

Declutter 101 The kitchen

So what I decided to do was a kitchen declutter. This is what I did to eliminate the unnecessary items.


I did not have to sort through these too much because I only have one set of pans. But I can imagine replacing some pans in the near future and not sorting through them enough. My rule for pans is:

Do I really need this particular one or do I have one that I can use instead?

I had two pans in the same size with the same purpose. So I donated one. Just make sure you don’t have unnecessary duplicates or ones you use once a year. It’s a waste of space!


This is where my six bottle openers make their appearance. I just randomly looked through and found them. In our six years of marriage there sneaked in a couple too many (one for each year I guess).

I also like to use a few particular items and never use the rest. So why would I keep all the other items if in the last year they have never left the drawer? So what I tend to do is just be honest about every individual product; have I used it in the last 3 months and is it a problem if I don’t have it? If the answer is ‘no’ to both questions I can donate it.


This is a tricky one for me. I decluttered a couple of my tupperwares recently and find myself missing a few of them. I thought I could¬†get rid of duplicates, but now when I have more than three left over meals, I don’t have enough tupperware to put it in.

So let that be a lesson for you. Make sure you have enough tupperware left that you can use for left overs!

On the other hand. I kept quite a few smaller ones that I actually do not use as often. So I should have switched two of the smaller ones for the big ones.
So my tip for you would be: decide what you use the tupperwares for and make that your starting off point when decluttering. Do you use them for leftovers? Keep enough big ones. Do you like to cut up your vegetables for an entire week in advance? Keep enough small ones.

Just make sure you think about it thoroughly because getting rid of some only to buy new ones is not only a waste of money, it’s also really bad for the environment!


When we got married we bought an entire set with plates. To this day, I haven’t bought any extra plates, although some of them have died along the way. We had a set of 8 and now we don’t, but that’s ok. We are only with three people in the house and when we have visitors it will not be more than one couple.

So decluttering the plates wasn’t really a thing for me, but I do make sure not to buy anything extra. We don’t need more plates, so I don’t get them. But when you did buy different plates and designs over the last years, make sure to go through them. Try to look for the ones that you use most and get rid of any duplicates.

Try to keep the ones that are very neutral. They will not go out of fashion so you will less likely want to replace them.


Glasses and mugs

Mugs are a whole different story in our house! I had a period in my life where I just kept buying the cute mugs. I have one with a feather that I just bought for the cute feather. Or the pink ones because I likes the colour. We ended up with a lot of mugs and glasses and I decided to sort through them. Because, let’s be honest; you only use a handful of your favourite ones.

So when I decluttered my mugs and glasses I got rid of half of the cupboard! Half of it! There were so many unused ones in our kitchen, I even saw a few at the back that I didn’t even know I had. We still have a pretty large amount of mugs, but I just love to drink tea or coffee from a mug.

When you decide to sort through the mugs and glasses, make sure you don’t keep too many. I would suggest taking everything out and putting back in the ones you use on a regular basis. After that you can pick a few of your favourite ones and put them back in as well. We received two cups from my sister in law that she bought in Sweden while she studied there, so we obviously kept those. Even though I don’t use them very often. But those that you really love can stay, the rest can be donated!

Baking products

I love to tell myself that I love baking, but truth be told; I don’t. I do love to bake something occasionally but I don’t need 5 different sizes of baking trays. So what I decided to do is keep one of each type of product instead of size and toss the rest. If the recipe asks for a particular size I doubt it would hurt the cake if your baking tray is a little bigger or smaller. Just make sure you have the right time and adjust if necessary.


If you want more tips and tricks to declutter your kitchen, I have found a few very helpful books! 

The minimalist Kitchen

100 essentials

The tidy kitchen

30 days to a clean and organized kitchen


Which part of the kitchen is in desperate need of a declutter at your house? I love sorting through it all and make sure there is nothing cluttering my cupboards for no reason. Let me know how your decluttering goes in the comments down below! I love hearing from you!


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