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Why crocheting and knitting is great for minimalists

When I decided to look into minimalism I immediately felt like I had to get rid of most of my hobbies. I discovered that minimalism can be for everyone and you don’t have to conform to anyone. But minimalism and hobbies can be tricky. I decided to focus on a few hobbies (read this post by Laura to find out why it’s smart to choose just a few hobbies when you want to live as a minimalist).

Why crocheting and knitting are great hobbies for minimalists

But one hobby I love is crochet. I learned crocheting about 6 years ago and I love the process of creating something. That’s actually the first reason why I think it’s a great hobby for minimalists.


It’s a productive hobby

When I stepped into this simpler life I thought about my hobbies and realised crocheting (and knitting) are actually great hobbies. You can work on something useful that you do not have to buy, and it gives you something relaxing to do in the process. It’s a win-win situation if you’d ask me.

Another plus side of this hobby is that you can try to sell your creations. I have a friend who loved to crochet and decided to sell her products. That way you can do what you love while earning money!

To start crocheting or knitting I would recommend watching a lot of YouTube videos. I learned a lot from YouTube and it is a great way to learn your basics. Once you know your basic stitches, you can start creating what you want. I personally love blankets, but you can also make stuffed animals, clothes, pillows and more!


Book tips!

In the crazy web of the internet, it is sometimes hard to find good books. Especially when you want to start but don’t know where to start. I found a few books I would recommend you reading when you want to crochet.


  • Essential Stitches: A great book with all the basic stitches explained, including step-by-step photos.
  • Crochet one-skein wonders. A great book that shows you smaller projects to begin with.
  • Unexpected Afghans: Like I said, I love to create blankets, so this is one of my personal favourites. There are so many different ways to create Afghans, I love it!
  • Hooks: Because you can’t crochet without hooks! These are my absolute favourite! And, they are not even expensive.


  • The ultimate knit stitch bible: Well, when you read that title I don’t think I have to add anything. Every stitch you need will be in here!
  • Knitting for beginners: A great book to start your knitting journey which gives you all the basics you need.
  • Cozy knits: Some cute designs for creating clothing and accessories. I love this!
  • Needles: Because you need them for knitting. You can either go for the ‘normal’ ones, or the round ones. It depends on what your project is.

You can also follow me on Pinterest to see some of my boards. I have collected a lot of pins about crochet and knit projects over the years!

Important side notes

I decided to start with crochet and at some point wanted to check out knitting as well. I never finished the project and knitting was just not for me. But it is important to figure out whether you like it or not, before you buy a lot of things. That’s why I love YouTube in the ‘beginning stages’. You can learn the skill for free and when you think you really like it, you can invest in books and items that you will really use.

What I want to tell you though is;

Don’t do too many projects at once.

I made (and still make sometimes) this mistake so often. I actually have 2 blankets (and another one I know I will never finish) and a sweater I am working on right now. It takes a lot of room in your house to store all the wool and you don’t need that many. I started the blankets before I stepped into minimalism, so that’s my excuse. Ha!


What is your favourite thing to do? Crochet or Knit? Let me know in the comments! I just love hearing from my readers.

3 thoughts on “Why crocheting and knitting is great for minimalists

    1. I love to cross-stitch as well actually! They are both great hobbies. But I love crochet because it is just so easy and brings a quick result. I have a cross-stitch project I have been working on for over 6 years and I still need to do about a quarter of the pattern! Haha.

      I don’t have bloglovin but I should look into it! Thanks for the suggestion!

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