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Why you should start thinking about Christmas

This might seem like a crazy post at the end of August, but I can’t be the only one thinking about Christmas, can I? It might have something to do with a creative project I do (December Daily) that is releasing their new products next week. Anyway, I have been thinking about Christmas and how we want to celebrate it this year. I want to make sure I am well prepared so one of the first things to do is budget!

Why you should start thinking about Christmas

Why budget?

I think most of you can already guess the answer, but Christmas can be very expensive. And if you don’t budget for it you will need to use your Credit card, and you don’t want to do that. The way we handle it is as follows:

  • We determine the amount of money we want to spend on each other. Our son doesn’t get much because his birthday is two days before Christmas Eve and he is only 2 years old this December. So he will not know that it’s Christmas. We just give him a small gift on Christmas morning.
  • We plan to save money. This is just as important right? We both have a budget. I have the grocery budget and a budget for clothes and diapers and all that, while my husband pays for gas and entertainment. We decided to try and save money from those budgets. I will save for my husband’s gifts and the small gift for our son and my husband saves for my gifts.
  • We think about our wish list. I made my husband think about what he wants for Christmas about a week ago. I want him to really think about it and make sure he asks for presents he wants and needs. We don’t want gifts that we don’t use. So thinking about your presents early enough is really important! Especially when you want to live simple and embrace minimalism. Think about useful presents that will last longer than till the end of January.

Start shopping

And then the fun begins! It is time to start shopping. Now, don’t go nuts just yet. I am not saying you should spend every dollar you saved for your Christmas gifts. I decided to start shopping things for the advent calendar I am doing (more on that later on). For the calendar I need small gifts, like stocking stuffers. With Summer being almost over, there are lots of sales going on where I live. This is a great moment to see if there are any items on sale that you could use for Christmas.

But you can also try to find the ‘real gifts’ if you and your spouse know exactly what you want. I, for example know I want this Fiskars Guillotine cutter for my scrapbooking and it turns out it is one of the last ones available in my country. Knowing it might not be available again soon, you could decide to just order it now.


Get Creative

There is just something magical about receiving a handmade gift. I made my husband a leather coffeecup sleeve for Father’s day this year and he loved it! Try to think about things you can DIY to make this Christmas even more special. It is important to start thinking about this now, because you might need some time to do it. If you decide to crochet a blanket, you might want to start sooner than later.


So, please tell me I am not alone in thinking about Christmas! Let me know what you have done this year to prepare for the holidays? Started buying or making yet? I truly love reading your comments, so keep them coming!


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