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Christmas on a budget – toddler gifts

Do you love Christmas, but don’t want to spend too much this year? Are you on a tight budget, but still want to celebrate this fun season? We have done a few things that have really been affordable and won’t break your bank this season.

When you are into minimalism or have been looking at simplifying your life, you have probably heard this popular phrase for Children’s gifts:

minimalism gifts

But if you haven’t heard of it before, this is what it means. You only buy 4 gifts for your children and you stick to the rules. I love to do this, because I want to limit the amount of toys Josh has. I noticed that he

Something they want

This can be anything. Just something your children have asked for. Our son is only 2 years old, so he can’t really tell us what he wants, so I pick something that I like. But when he gets older he will have the opportunity to choose something he wants to have. Just make sure your child has a few options to choose from, so that you can pick the toy that fits your budget.

Because Josh doesn’t have a wishlist yet, we will get him a beanbag this year. There are several amazing ones out there. We have actually picked one by a Spanish company (Nobodinoz), but these are amazing too:

Something they need

This is actually a broad category. It can be clothes or shoes, but also a water bottle if they will go to school soon, or a new breakfast bowl. Whatever you need to buy for your kids, you can gift for Christmas.

This year our boy will receive underwear, because I want to start potty training him. I decided to this after the holidays because I will not be as busy.

Some other great gifts are:

Something to wear

Something to wear is pretty obvious. A popular gift for Christmas is pyjamas, but I like to buy a new jeans or a fun sweater because they tend to be more expensive and I’d rather give it as a gift. I make sure that it is actually something I need for him. So if my son has enough clothes in his current size, I just buy something one size up, because I will eventually need to buy that anyway.


Something to read

We like to stretch this category a little. When you think of read, you would automatically go for a book. I have decided to buy a puzzle with the alphabet this year (which has to do with reading). But there are a few options.


So, this is what I am going to do this Christmas. And I actually decided to do the same when it comes to my husband and I. We will only give each other gifts according to this model. What is your way of doing the presents this year? How many presents do you allow underneath the Christmas tree?

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