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Christmas on a budget – gifts for men

One of the hardest things about being on a budget is the presents for Christmas or even birthdays. You want the gifts to be meaningful, but don’t want to spend too much on the gifts. I have found a few tips and tricks that help me to get a gift on a budget for my husband.

Christmas on a budget - gifts for men

Be a really good listener

First on the list, because I think it is the most important tip! I try to pay close attention to what my husband talks about all year long. Sometimes he mentions something and forgets about it. I have that item saved in my brain and can get it whenever it’s his birthday or Christmas.

For example. My husband really likes to drink a whisky or other alcoholic drink every now and then. Just because he likes the taste of it. But drinks can be extremely expensive. So the other day he mentioned a drink he wanted to buy ‘someday’ and I immediately planted that name in my head and went on the look out for a moment it was on sale. Lucky for him that moment was only two weeks later and I decided to gift it to him, just because. But it’s a great way to buy gifts for you husband when you are on a budget. When you know what to look for early on, you have time to shop for sale items. Which brings me to the next point.


Buy when on sale

I have already mentioned this in my post about Christmas in August, but when you know what items to look for it is a lot easier to buy on a budget. Browse the shops and look for a good deal on that item.

I had a gift in mind for our son and when I went to the shops to look for it I was shocked to see the prize. I decided to not buy it and look for something else. Then, a few weeks later I walked into a bookstore and saw that exact item on sale for over half the prize it was in the toy store! I call that a score!

So make sure to know what you want to give your husband (or any other family member really) and start looking for a good deal early in the year. Don’t leave your Christmas shopping to the last week! You will definitely pay more!


Buy items he needs anyway

This is not always fun to do, but it is a great way to save money. One item I bought my husband this year is socks (it was part of our advent calendar, so he has already received them). We both really like happy socks (look how cute these Christmas ones are!), but they are very expensive. So I decided to buy a pair on sale. Now he has something he needs and something he likes. And it even was a sale item.


Buy special items, that he can use all year round

This is actually related to the socks and alcoholic drink, but you can buy anything really. Just focus on things he can use more than once. A music Blu-ray of his favourite artist, a fancy notebook or a new leather wallet. These are items you wouldn’t buy regularly and are great gifts for Christmas. Make it extra personal by adding your name or his favourite quote for example.


Gift non-material things

This is maybe even my favourite. Especially now that we are trying to limit our amount of stuff in the house.

My husband is a great fan of pizza and a movie at the cinema. But we hardly ever do this, because we don’t want to spend money on the nights itself plus a baby sitter. So we hardly ever go out on dates outside of the house. But it would be a great gift for Christmas! Try to find a good deal on dinner and a movie or find someone who wants to help you by babysitting for free!

You could also think about things you could do for him. I have made a little coupon booklet once with things like:

  • I’ll clean the car for you (I never use the car so never really do this..)
  • I’ll make you an extra special lunch to take to work
  • I’ll polish all your shoes

Just try to be creative in things he would really appreciate. I know my husband loves these type of things, because his love language is ‘service’ (if you haven’t read that book, please do! It is one of the best books I have ever read and has truly helped us in understanding each other better!), but if your husband’s love language is different, try to find things that he will love.


I hope this will help you a bit with your Christmas shopping and buying gifts in general! Let me know what you love to buy your husband! I’d love to get some more ideas!

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