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Christmas on a budget – decorations

Decorating the house is one of my favourite things to do this time of year. I just love setting up the Christmas tree and having all the lights and candles ready for the darker days. But decorating the house on a budget is kind of tricky. I struggled a lot and wanted to have a cozy home without spending a ton of money.

Christmas on a budget - decorations

Here are of the thing I did to have a cozy home without spending too much.



Christmas to me definitely involves a tree. We started buying real trees and spent quite some money on them to be honest. Our first year of marriage, we wanted a tree that didn’t lose too many needles, so we went for a particular kind. We ended up spending €40 on the tree, only for it to lose the needles after two weeks (and a week before Christmas.)

The year after that, we bought a different kind and spent a little less, but we still had the problem with the needles.

So our third year of marriage we had no tree at all, just to save us money. I soon realised I wanted a tree and decided never to go ‘tree-less’ again.

So the fourth year we had a wooden tree. It looked fun and fit our home perfectly at the time, but there is just something missing when you have a tiny wooden tree on the table.

So last year we decided to spent a little more money on a tree and buy a really nice fake one. It was the best decision we could have made! Not only does the tree keep all it’s needles, it doesn’t need water and won’t die after a few weeks. Plus, we don’t have to spend money on a tree every year!


Decorating the tree

Christmas on a budget - decorations

If you follow me on Pinterest you will notice on my Christmas board, that I love the Scandinavian Christmas look.

I don’t like colours in my tree and prefer to keep things looking natural. So when I came across this picture I was sold immediately. No decorations in the tree itself. Just the tree in all it’s glory! I am still super excited about the look of this and it is what our tree looks like in our home this year too.


If you do like decorating the tree, I would suggest a few things:

  • Add lots of lights to the tree. They are cheaper than the decorations and give you a lot of the Christmas feeling you are looking for.
  • Buy decorations you will love for years. We went to a garden centre with a big Christmas show just this weekend and I saw so many amazing Christmas trees. But the problem with a lot of them is the type of decorations. You might love to add lots of feathers to the tree now, but you might not like it in a few years. Just be aware of you particular style and stick to it!
  • Try to keep the majority neutral. Do you want to add red to your tree? Consider adding white or silver with it. If, in a few years, you don’t like the red anymore, you won’t have to get rid of all the decorations, just part of it! When the majority of decorations is neutral it is easier to add different colours to it and switch every now and then!
  • Don’t go overboard with colours. If blue is your absolute favourite colour and you want to add that to your tree, than by all means go for it! But if you just like this year’s trend colour (of some shade of pink for example) than be careful. You will need to buy a complete tree worth of decorations. But what if half of the decorations break by the end of the month? You won’t be able to add new ones, because it will most likely be a trend for just this year. So you will only use the decorations for a year, maybe two, and that’s it. So be careful with those trendy colours you can find every year. Try to incorporate them in different ways. Maybe buy a few candles in that colour or buy wrapping paper in that colour to put under the tree.



My favourite part of the holidays is definitely the dark days outside and the lovely lights inside. So I love adding some lights to my home. It also reminds me of the reason for this season, which is the birth of Jesus (the light of this world).

It’s also a really easy way to add a bit of Christmas spirit to the house without it having to cost a lot of money. Lights are not very expensive and you can do amazing things with them! Put them in a big glass bowl with some left-over decorations and you have a great centre-piece for the dinner table!



Probably the easiest and best way to add lights and colour to the house is candles. I love buying some things that are on trend right now, but don’t want to overspend. So what I typically do, is have those colours shown in my candles. This year I have seen lots of dark green and brown (which turn out to be my favourite colours anyway, so win-win for me!) and I just love to purchase a few candles in those colours to add the colour to our room. But if I would want to add some red, I can easily replace the candles for some red ones, without it being expensive.

The best part about candles is, they are eco-friendly, add warmth to the home and they burn up! If bright pink is the trend this year, you can go all out with your candles. You just burn them up and next year you can add a completely different colour into the mix which will make your home look totally different!


What is your favourite thing to do to keep the costs down, but the spirit up? Let me know in the comments! I love Christmas, but it’s so easy to spend too much money in the season!



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