3 easy ways to start your minimalist journey

When you are thinking about getting on the minimalist train, it might be a bit overwhelming. Do I really need to have an empty home and get rid of all my belongings? The answer is no! That’s why I’d like to call my journey simple living. The most important thing is to get started. Here are three easy ways to get started today!

3 easy ways to start your minimalist journey

Go through your junk drawer

One of the easiest things to start with is your junk drawer. Everyone has some sort of junk drawer. Whether it is a part of your closet that gets used for all the little items you don’t have a specific spot for, or it is actually a drawer, everyone has a certain spot in the house to keep those miscellaneous items.

I find it very refreshing to look through the junk drawer. At first it seems like a daunting task, but soon you’ll discover there are so many items you can throw away, it feels like you won the lottery! The junk drawer is usually a spot where you have some very important things and a lot of useless stuff. Getting rid of those will feel so good and it will get you motivated to move to another area in the house! Try it and let me know if it has the same effect on you as it had on me!


Remove all unnecessary duplicates

This is something I mentioned briefly in my Declutter 101 – the kitchen article. But there are so many duplicates lying around the house that you will probably not need.

Looking through our kitchen drawer I found 6 bottle openers, while you can obviously only use one at a time. I have to admit, I kept two. But that is because one of them is the one my husband always uses and the other one has sentimental value. But that means we did get rid of 4!

Now, keep in mind that you get rid of the unnecessary duplicates. There are some items in our home that I have a couple of. You can obviously get by with just one scarf, but I just like to have a few so that I can change my outfit by adding different accessoires. It is okay to keep more of items you love or use often.

Just be honest to yourself and really think about whether you are going to keep something. Will you really use it? I have had a couple of occasions in which I thought I would, but actually never did. Because let’s face it, when you haven’t touched those shoes in a year, you probably won’t do it this year either.


Stop buying things you don’t actually need

This seems obvious, but it can be really hard! I used to be a sucker for trendy items. We have plenty of nice decorations in the house, but every once in a while I would go out to town and find a different colour. It is so easy to get into the ‘I don’t need it, but it’s the last thing I’ll buy‘ type of thoughts.. I have had plenty of those! If you really want to change some things in the house, go right ahead! I am just saying you shouldn’t get carried away in all the trends.

When I do get something new, I learned to get rid of the old. Because as soon as you have replaced the pillows on the couch for a different colour, you probably will never touch the old ones again. So why not try and sell them, or donate them to charity or a friend.

Another thing us women can learn a lot in, is fashion. I remember a moment when I thought I needed new black shoes. My husband rightfully asked me why? and I said that I didn’t have matching ones. Because the boots were too high, the heels of my pumps were too low and the other short boots had gold details. Oh, and those other black shoes were definitely only for Summer days! Needless to say, I had plenty of black shoes to choose from. Luckily I came a long way from thinking like that, but I just wanted to demonstrate that you need to be true to yourself. Do you really need it and is it worth the clutter, time and money you are going to give up.


Let’s get started!

These are just three easy things to do when you want to get started. There are plenty of things you can do, so there will be more posts coming about different areas to declutter! Until then you can read my Where to start when you want to declutter,  declutter 101-the kitchen and declutter 101-kid’s toys articles to get started!


Let me know what you did first to get into the ‘declutter-mode’! I’d love to hear from you.

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