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25 Frugal valentines day ideas

With Valentines day just around the corner, it can be hard to find frugal things to do. But it is not about buying each other expensive gifts. Valentines day is about letting the other person know you love him or her. Here are some fun ways to do so, without breaking the bank!


25 frugal valentines day ideas


At home

  • Cook a meal together
  • Have dinner on the floor with candles and wine
  • Watch a movie on a mattress on the floor
  • Play a date night game (check out The Dating Divas for inspiration!)
  • Have breakfast in bed
  • Ask someone if your kids can stay the night and have a romantic night at home
  • Play a board game (just make sure you will both stay happy after you’re finished!)
  • Have a bath or shower together. Try this bath bomb from Lush!
  • Bake a cake together
  • Order your favourite take-out meal and have a picknick in the living room



  • Go out for a walk
  • Take your partner somewhere he/she loves
  • Go window shopping
  • Visit a cheap zoo
  • Go to a cheap movie
  • Do some sight-seeing in your own town
  • Take each other to your favourite spot in town and have a picknick when possible



  • Make each other a poem or song
  • Make your own card
  • Try to find three things around the house that you think your partner loves. Show each other and explain why
  • Take 10 different silly pictures together
  • Set a timer and write down as many things you love about the other person, share it!
  • Make a mood board or collage about what you would like to do together in the future
  • Look for inspiration for the next vacation together
  • Try to cook each others favourite recipes


These are just a few ideas that came to my mind. I am curious what frugal things you like to do with your spouse, because I am always on the lookout for more ideas! So feel free to let me know in the comments!

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