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Why your child needs less toys

I have read many, many posts about minimalism and children. I was wondering whether it would be beneficial for them to live in a more minimalistic home with less toys. And I found a few reasons why it will help them. One of the first ways to start simplifying the life of your kids is giving them less toys. Here are my top reasons why I think my son does not need that many toys (and neither do I..)

Why your child needs less toys

Why children need less toys

  • They come back to the same toys over and over again. I have noticed this with our son and he doesn’t even have a huge amount of toys. But I can only imagine how many toys will remain unused when kids do have a large number of toys. Isn’t that a waste of money and space in your home? Just try to find out which toys they do not play with and toss them one or two at a time. You’ll notice they won’t be missed.
    If your child is old enough you can even do this together. Go through the toys together and decide how many toys they have to throw away (don’t go overboard though. I’d say a maximum of 5 which is hard enough for them). You can do this multiple times a year if you need to.
  • Having less toys will challenge them more. I noticed how much I love toys that you can use for multiple reasons. But now that I have a son I can see that it’s not only me who loves that. Having a toy that is not for one specific purpose makes them creative and gives them the opportunity to think of fun ways to use the toy. He loves his cars, but the building blocks are just his favourite. Why? Because he can roll the round ones through the living room, the big rectangles are used as ‘drums’ , you can stack them, you can throw them all out of the bos and put them back in one by one etc. You can keep going here. He comes up with new ways to use them every day. It’s so fun to watch him play with them! Even the box they came in has different purposes now!
  • It will help them to appreciate what they have more. My boy is not old enough to tell me this yet, but it’s something I noticed myself. When I have less stuff I appreciate it more. I can only imagine how much good it will do for my son when he gets older. Having a few items you love is so much more beneficial than giving so many items they don’t even see it as something special when they receive a gift. I have seen YouTube videos of children who receive over 20 toys for Christmas, the one bigger than the other. They have no clue what to play with though, because the toy room is already overflowing with toys.


Why I need him to have less toys

Let’s face it. It’s not just the kids who benefit from this. My main reason for doing this is simply because I don’t want my house to be filled with mainly kids items. I know he does not need the large amount of toys and I don’t want to clean them up. So it’s a win-win situation.


How many toys do you allow in your home? What is your main reason for allowing less toys? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear from you!


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