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Gift ideas for a 2-year old boy


gift ideas for a 2 year old


I cannot believe I have to think about gift ideas for my son’s second birthday already! Whenever someone said kids grow so fast and you have to enjoy every moment, I thought it was just a saying. But I learned it is very true. My little baby boy was just born and now he is nearly 2 years old (only 4 months to go!)

Anyway, what I am trying to say is that I am looking for gift ideas for my boy and found some great minimalistic toys. I want to share them with you, so here is my list!


Grimms rainbow

This is one of my favourites. I love the look of it and my son adores it! I have seen it when I was pregnant and wanted to get one ever since. The son of a friend of mine owns one, and Josh loves to play with it! So this is definitely on his gift list for this year!


Wobbel board

Another one I have had my eye on forever! This is seriously such a fun toy! I am in love with the Dutch design (You can see it here) which has a lot more options, but this blue one is just as amazing! The possibilities are endless with this board and kids are sure to love it! Honestly, if no one buys this for us, we’ll get it ourselves!

Wooden blocks

Josh has had wooden blocks for a while now and it is his favourite toy. So we can always use more, and what better options the having a big box of the simple style building blocks?!


Pull and Push toy

 How cute are these? Josh has a pull toy in the form of a crocodile and that thing literally goes everywhere with him. So on his 2 year list is definitely another pull toy and I love this combination toy with both a push and pull toy! Win-win for that amount!


Build a plane

I saw this one on a blog (Ellie and Jared) and I just loved it immediately! It is a plane that has a screwdriver delivered with it. The toddler can put the plane together and pull it apart, all by himself. This is a toy he’ll love for a few years, I’m sure!


Roll and play

This is a great toy because it is not only fun to do games with your little one, but it will also teach him colours and some other basic things. Some of the assignments are, ‘find something white’ or ‘touch your ears’ for example, which is a fun way to learn.


Are any of these toys favourites of your two year old? Or do you have any other suggestions? Let me know in the comments! I have 4 more months to go, so who knows what I can add to the list!

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