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5 ideas for a no-spend date night

Being on a really tight budget means we need date nights that are affordable, preferably even free. We have found a few things we love to do, and I thought I’d share them with you! It’s just something we do together and doesn’t have to cost much.

5 ideas for a no spend date night

Play a game

We never really liked games, to be honest. Whenever we found a game I liked, my husband hated it. When my husband likes a game, I either hate it or always lose (which means I’ll eventually hate it..). But we just never stopped trying and now we found some games we both enjoy! It usually means we play cards and eventhough I often lose, it’s still one of our favourite things to do on date nights.


Watch a movie

I have to be honest here, this is my husbands favourite. I am not really a fan of movies (as you might have read in my ‘5 documentaires that inspire simple living‘) and I often times do something else. But when we do decide to watch a movie it is a nice way to spend the evening together. I particularly like this on a Friday evening when we are both tired of our workweek and not in the mood to have deep conversations.


Take a bath/shower together

This is, hands down, our favourite thing to do together. We do not have a bathtub unfortunately, so we improvised with our shower. What we do, we sit down in our shower together and have about 10 cm of water at the bottom. We have seriously been talking in our shower for hours and we love it! We just chill and talk and cannot be distracted by phones, tv or anything else. It’s the best.¬†Obviously, if you do have a bath, it would be a lot easier to just take a bath.


Have a nice (big) dinner when the kids are in bed

We don’t do this very often, but every once in a while we like to have an ‘all-night-long-dinner’. Basically, this means we have tapas and a glass of wine and enjoy our meal in quiet. So yes, it means giving our son a different dinner and us eating a little later than usual. We just feed him, play and at 7pm get him to bed. It’s amazing how nice conversations can be over a nice dinner. Try it!


‘Feed’ some of your dreams

This might not be for everyone, but we love to look at homes. The reason we do, is because we are in the process of emigrating to Australia. We love to keep our dream alive by looking at possible homes and neighbourhoods. If you’re in the process of learning to be content or trying to buy less, it might not be the best idea to look at other peoples homes. Truth be told, you might get jealous or greedy. But if you know you won’t, try this some time! It’s fun to see how other people decorated their home!
Just browse through real estate websites, explore Pinterest or try Google Maps to ‘explore’ a neighbourhood, maybe even the one you live in now. It truly is fun to do!


Well, those are just some things we love to do on a no-spend date night. We definitely would love to go to the movies or out for dinner, but that is just not always an option. What do you do on a date night? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I love this! Skipping over the fact that I just pictured Pieter naked in the shower, I can say that you guys truly live the simple life and have inspired ‘us’ to lower the quantity of life and increase the quality. Keep posting!!!

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